Chrysalis Show

ChrysalisThis is the 2nd Annual Chrysalis Show, themed, “Beauties of the Orient.” Guests are dazzled and amazed by the transformation of our male models into exotic beauties of the Orient. Chrysalis is not your typical drag show but just like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, this show is about becoming a woman, not just imitating them. Our male models are adorned in beautiful gowns and costumes designed by Calvin Hiep & Jacky Tai. They also impersonate female vocal artists like Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Y Lan, Khanh Ha, Toc Tien, and performances by the real artists themselves Truc Lam, Truc Linh and Bao Han. This event is always entertaining and fun to watch. Guests don’t leave their seats because they are afraid to miss a beat!

  Moonlight Banquet Westminster, CA
  September, 25, 2015