Viet Fashion Week

Viet Fashion Week 2015

Viet Fashion Week kicked off the 2 day event with a star-studded red carpet event. Many well recognized VIP guests of the Vietnamese community attended including actress Kathy Uyen, “How to Fight in 9” Heels,” singers Loan Chau, Thu Phuong, Leon Vu, and the New Wave Crew; Henry Chuc, Lynda Trang Dai, Trizzie, Thai Tai, just to name a few. There were 9 designers; Jacky Tai, Cynthia Bui, Annie Nguyen, Son Collection, Calvin Hiep, Peter Phan, Timothy Hoang, Vicky Nguyen, and Alexe Quynn. Runway Entertainment provided 100 models to walk the 70 foot runway while showcasing over 180 looks ranging from Ready-to-wear, Evening Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, and of course Ao Dais. This year, Viet Fashion Week also added performances by Andy Quach, Helena Ngoc Hong, and Dante Nguyen to their line-up.

  Rose Center Westminster, CA
  April, 2, 2015